I have developed this site to bring to light the Emerald Home I built in 2011, in Strafford NH.  The purpose of this website is to show how it is possible to build a sustainable and energy efficient home within the same budget parameters as building an everyday conventional home.

I am not saying that it is simple or easy...It does take time to find the right materials and to research product development and sustainability.  However,  if you put the effort in you will have a beautiful home that will pay you and the environment back for decades to come.

Look through the pages that I have created to see the aspects of the home I feel bring about the most sustainable aspects.  I have included explanations of certain building processes used that we put a lot of time into researching and feel they are some of the best choices that fit our budget and also met our energy efficiency measures. 

Overview of home:

We built roughly a 5800sqft home of heated and cooled space, although the finished space is just under 3000sqft.  The home is a nicely laid out, single floor living area that has a loft space.  There is also an expansive basement, close to 3000sqft that is heated by radiant in slab but this is an unfinished area at this time.


Take a Look Inside:


Above: Interior & Exterior finish work was done by

Londonderry Fine Finish Carpentry

Below: Tiling in Master Bath done by Roger Houghton

   For a list of all subcontractors refer to Contact page